Profiles of children

Name:  Bilal Yousaf

Age: 14 years

Family background:

1 of 9 siblings.

Father too old to work.

Mother works as cleaner in people’s houses

Disability: Deaf, Mute and Autistic


Bilal was bought to Al Mudassar at the request of his mother. He is the only child that has learning disabilities and as a result was vulnerable to abuse by the community. His mother was unable to protect him and after his disappearance for three months whereby he was taken by a gang to beg on the street, she came to Al Mudassar and pleaded for him to be taken in as a live in student just so that he could be safe.Bilal’s disabilities meant that the best way for him to learn was by imitation. Since joining Al Mudassar he is able to care for himself independently, has learnt to pray and loves learning.

Name:  Mohammad Bilal

Age: 7 years

Family background:

1 of 4 siblings.

Disability: Downs Syndrome


Mohammad Bilal has been with Al Mudassar for 2 years and is Downs Syndrome. He is a very happy and able child and enjoys coming to school. He is the only child in the family with Downs and his parents do not know how to deal with his condition.