Why Special Education?

Pakistan defines a person with disabilities as :-

“A person who on account of injury, disease or deformity is handicapped for undertaking any gainful profession or employment, in order to earn his livelihood and includes a person who is blind, deaf, physically handicapped or mentally retarded.”

The population of Pakistan stands at 191 million, out of which 5.035 million reports to be People with Disabilities (according to census data 2012).


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The Punjab government established an independent department in 2003 to cater for the needs of this sector of the community and has now established 248 institutes to facilitate for almost 28850 special children.

The number of disabled children (1-15 years) is 2.18 million out of total PWDs population at national level which is 43.4% of total PWDs population.

Given the statistics above it is clear that there is a need for institutions for children with special needs.

Although  Al Mudassar would love to cater for children with all special needs, we can only accommodate children who are deaf, blind or mentally challenged. In sha Allah one day we hope to cater for the physically challenged too.

(Information courtesy of A resource book on PWDS statistics 2012, HHRD Pakistan)