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Syed Mudassar Shah


“Having spent my childhood watching my blind siblings struggle with the smallest things in life and the challenges that my parents faced in Pakistan. I pledged to myself and the Almighty, that should he bestow me with sustenance, I would create something unique for the special children of Pakistan. What you see today is a result of that pledge.

I have dedicated over 20 years of my life to this cause and have invested huge amounts of money to realise this dream. The complex is a lifeline to over 450 children who without Al Mudassar would be on the streets and treated as insignificant beings. The journey has been long and very exhausting both physically and mentally, but when I see the students of Al Mudassar achieve 100% results year on year I feel that my efforts have not been in vain.

When I hear of children with learning disabilities being abused or shunned or children with physical disabilities left on the bed all day, I feel that this is only the beginning and we have soo much yet to do. Changing the mindset of the people through education is my next step through Al-Mudassar University for Special Education.

As you can see that this is a giant of a project for one person and I now invite you all to become a part of the Al Mudassar family by supporting us through your donations, time and prayers”.